The Bridge Program

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79.00 for 6 months


Let’s make learning Irish FUN! Bainigí SPRAOÍ AS!

Suitable for students from 5th class to 2nd year.

“The Bridge Program” has been designed to prepare students transitioning from Primary to Secondary school in relation to their Irish. There are 5 modules – from revising the basics to preparing them for aspects of Irish Grammar. Irish Culture is also included.

Each module has

  •  3 minute tutorials
  • Animated videos– to revise the content covered in the tutorials in a fun and enjoyable way
  • Interactive quizzes – to allow the learner assess their own learning.

The user can choose whether to view the tutorials through the medium of Irish or English.

This course can be attempted as often as required and all quizzes can be reloaded.

This course has been created to build confidence in the student and to compliment the learning  of Gaeilge in school, in a safe and positive learning environment.


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