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The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program is for 5th class to 2nd year students learning Irish. The course covers the key aspects of the Irish curriculum, in a straight forward and enjoyable way. It has been designed to create confidence in the learner so that they can improve and excel in their Irish class in school.

Basic Irish for Parents

This course has been created to
support the parent to use the Irish in the home. With 5 modules ranging from basic greetings to key grammatical aspects, this course will help parents help their child on their own learning journey.

Leaving Certificate Irish

The Leaving Certificate course
provides the learner with H1
level content. All content is
available with full translated
notes and a range of quizzes to
support the revision of content

Why Studybase.com?​

  • 5 modules covering key aspects of the language to prepare the learner for Irish at second level.

  • Fun, interactive quizzes and videos to create a enjoyable learning environment

  • Irish culture and song included!

  • Do you want to use Irish in a natural and enjoyable way in the home?

  • Do you want to help your child with aspects of irish grammar?

  • If so, "Basic Irish for Parents" is for you!

    Help yourself, help your child.

  • The Oral Irish exam- includes sample answers, sound recordings and revision quizzes provided

  • H1 sample essays on key topics with a 3/5 topics success rate.

  • Key tips provided to get the best results in all aspects of the papers.

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