Leaving Certificate Gaeilge 2022- 2023

A comprehensive Leaving Certificate Irish Course. Samples answers for the most common questions asked in the Oral Irish exam H1 quality sample answers 500-600 word H1 Irish essays Interactive quizzes on “Na Sraith Pictiúir” Audio content provided to support pronunciation. All sample work is fully translated to English. New essay titles updated regularly. *Please note: […]

Basic Irish for Parents

Basic Irish for Parents Help yourself  help your child on their Irish language journey… This course has been created to support the parent during their child’s Irish language learning journey. 5 modules consist of- “Bí ag Caint”- Let’s talk! (The basics from hello to questioning the child’s day at school). Basic grammar- The necessities! (Get […]

The Bridge Program

The Bridge Program has been created to support students in their Irish language learning journey. There are 5 modules available- all modules are bilingual and can be attempted as often as required. The course covers the basic aspects of the Irish language, allowing the student to practice and maintain the Irish learned in school and […]

The Bridge Program – Sample Course

The Bridge Program – Sample Course provides a glimpse of the content available on “The Bridge Program” course. *Please note: This course provides the Module 1 content from “The Bridge Program” course. **The Bridge Program course is most suitable for 5th class to 2nd year students. It does not cover Junior Cycle Irish literature.