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The Bridge Program

For 5th and 6th class students transitioning to Secondary School and 1st & 2nd year students studying Irish.

Basic Irish For Parents

Basic Irish for Parents was created for those with little or no Irish. It is suitable for the beginner learner or those wanted to revise the basics.

Irish for Parents

'Irish for Parents' is the course for parents with the 'Cúpla Focal'. Revise the basics and build from there so that you can use your Irish confidently in the home.

Leaving Cert Irish

This course is specifically for the 2023/'24 6th year Higher level Irish student, looking to achieve in the Leaving Certificate Irish exam, 2024.

The Bridge Program

For the Parent:

The parent will receive regular emails about the content on the course to help them support their child during their learning experience.

This will allow the parent to have a greater understanding of what’s available on the course and also help maintain engagement throughout the learning period.

The Bridge Program is designed using “How do you say…?” videos, to help students select the aspect of the Irish language they wish to review.

All videos are supported with terminology posters and interactive revision quizzes, to maintain student engagement and provide for a broad range of learning styles, ensuring students of all abilities can achieve.

Certificate Irish


Leaving Certificate Irish caters for 6th year Leaving Cert students looking for further support as they prepare for the Irish exam. This course covers the Oral exam, Paper 1 & 2 by providing key terminology, sample answers, revision quizzes and exam guidelines, helping students to achieve even more points in their Leaving Certificate Irish exam.


Get using your Gaeilge
naturally, everyday in
the home.

5 minute lessons to fit into today's busy lifestyle.
Short and easy quizzes to assess the learning.
5 minute lessons to fit into today's busy lifestyle.
Short and easy quizzes to assess the learning.
Printable terminology and phrases posters.

Scéalaíocht le StudyBase is a storytelling module, based on Irish mythological stories such as Cú Chulainn and Clann Lir.

There are 5 stories in this module, and all stories come as a short film, in short story and audio format.

All stories are available in both Irish and English.